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6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Lisle Library District
Meeting Room B

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Just Between Frames (JBF) offers a special wine "tasting": this month's movie Sidways. Starring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, and Sandra Oh, it offers a brilliantly observed grouping of 30s-ish characters and their interrelationships. Here's what Roger Ebert had to say about this aspect of the film: 
"What happens between them all is the stuff of the movie, and must not be revealed here, except to observe that Giamatti and Madsen have a scene that involves some of the gentlest and most heartbreaking dialogue I've heard in a long time. They're talking about wine. He describes for her the qualities of the pinot noir grape that most attract him, and as he mentions its thin skin, its vulnerability, its dislike for being too hot or cold, too wet or dry, she realizes he is describing himself, and that is when she falls in love with him. Women can actually love us for ourselves, bless their hearts, even when we can't love ourselves. She waits until he is finished, and then responds with words so simple and true they will win her an Oscar nomination, if there is justice in the world."

He goes on to say, 

"The characters are played not by the first actors you would think of casting, but by actors who will prevent you from ever being able to imagine anyone else in their roles."

Join us as we see and decant our opinions about these compelling characters, the performances, and the overall film. 
All are welcome to attend, no registration is required. Questions? Contact Patricia Ruocco at ruoccop@lislelibrary.org

For more information, please see the Just Between Frames blog.

Event Type(s): Film Discussion Group